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Run a C file

1. Make sure you have a C compiler installed. The programs on this site have been tested to work with TCC 0.9.26.
2. Copy the source code you want to execute to a file and save it as <file>.c.
3a. If you are on a Unix-like system, compile the file with 'cc -O <file>' (e.g. 'cc -O base64.c') using your terminal/console.
3b. If you are on Windows, you can use TCC: create a .BAT-file containing the line 'tcc -O %1' inside your TCC directory first. To compile, drag-and-drop your file onto the .BAT-file.
4. You can now use the resulting executable file.
?. Optional: If you store your CLI programs in a separate directory, you can add that directory to your PATH variable for easier access.